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Boilers how do they work?

Boiler Furnace, Bryant Model BW9, great boiler replacement option for Toledo Ohio area homes and business. Do you have a old or historic home that has a gas or oil fired boiler to heat your home? Then you need an experienced maintenance team to service your boiler or suggest alternative, more efficient heating options.

Maumee Valley Heating is your Toledo area boiler pros. Many people think boilers are the same thing as a furnace, but in truth they are not. Boilers use water to provide radiant heat, which warms objects in a room. A gas furnace warms the air in a room, which means objects absorb heat more slowly. Boilers can give you even heat in your home and rooms tend to feel even warmer than they actually are with a boiler furnace heat.

Boilers must have an annual check up to assure they are working properly.

You can make a boiler more energy efficient by a complete boiler furnace replacement. Maumee Valley has been replacing boiler furnaces with more efficient heating in Toledo area homes, business and commercial properties for 58 years. Let's chat about boiler replacement options.
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What does a boiler furnace cost?

Boiler replacement options from Maumee Valley Heating & Air Conditioning, Toledo.We have seven different highly efficient boilers to choose at a variety of different boiler furnace heat options and price points. We are featuring one of our more popular models here on this page.
Bryant's boiler furnaces give you immediate warmth for your radiant heating system. Bryant® gas and oil fired boilers deliver efficient, consistent warmth without the noise and draft of forced air systems.
Bryant Preferred™ model BW9 gas boiler is a great boiler replacement option for many Toledo area homes. It's gas-fired efficient 90 to 94.9% AFUE and all Bryant gas boilers are Energy Star qualified. are efficient and ...
  • Have an integrated boiler control
  • Sports a cast-aluminum heat exchanger
  • Features optional PVC pipe installation
  • Comes with a 5-year parts limited warranty and a 15-year parts limited warranty on heat exchanger section. Call for details.

Boiler | Replace Boiler

Image of old boiler, removed from a Toledo Ohio area basement. Maumee Valley Heating & Air Conditioning replaced this old boilder with an efficient new Bryant gas furnace.

If you have an older home or business in the NW Ohio, SE Michigan area that currently has a oil-fired or gas-fired boiler, let us professionally review which Bryant Boiler or Gas Furnace would be best as a high-performing, efficient replacement furnace for your home.

In you are seeing an increase in boiler failures, discoloration in the fire, leaking, an increase in expenses and less heating comfort, it's time to replace! Contact us now.

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Boiler Furnace Maintenance | Top Efficiency Operation

Don't wait until your boiler completely shuts down. Regular maintenance for boilers is so important and should always be performed by a professional. Don't dally, call Maumee Valley.

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Boiler Repair

Has your boiler failed when it's 5 degrees outside? We'll be there to help as quickly as possible. Schedule repairs of your boiler furnace here.

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