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Fan Coil how does it work?

This fan coil, pulls air into the fan coil unit. It then flows over the coil to cool or heat a home through use of hot water or chilled water for cooling.
A fan coil unit will draw the air from the space it is in through a fan. The air blows over the fan coil, whether it is heating or cooling. The result is the air comes out hotter or cooler than it was before. Fan coils are used as supplement heating or cooling as additional heating or cooling to a heat pump or air conditioning system.

Fan Coil Unit systems only work well if they are properly maintained regularly by HVAC pros, like our team at Maumee Valley Heating & Air Conditioning.

Fan Coil Benefits

The benefits of replacing your old fan coil unit is quieter operation, better reliability and a much higher efficiency rate. Let us replace or service your fan coil now!
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Best Fan Coil Unit

Fan coil unit from Maumee Valley Heating and Air Conditioning, Toledo
We have seven different highly efficient fan coil units to choose from fixed (single speed), multi-speed and variable speed features that will enhance indoor comfort. Let us select a fan coil to add additional heating and cooling benefits to your home.

Bryant's best fan coil, Evolution® fan coils help your system perform better while helping you save on energy costs. These fan coils have the quality, durability and efficiency you want most.

Bryant Preferred™ fan coils are a reliable way to boost comfort and energy savings. Cut cooling costs by up to 16% and heating costs up to 10%! Corrosion-resistant plating assures durable performance and year-round comfort.

Bryant Legacy™ fan coils are efficient and very affordable. These fan coil units keep the environment inside your home comfortable and the environment outside your home super happy with environmentally-sound Puron® refrigerant. Bryant's Legacy Series Fan Coil FXD4 is one of our top sellers and ...
    Has a highly efficient, 5 speed fan

    Enhances your in-door air quality

    Uses environmentally sound Puron® refrigerant and a Puron® refrigerant-specific Thermostatic Expansion Value or piston metering device.

    Has foil-faced insulation

    Comes with DuraTech coil protection for enhanced corrosion resistance

    Provides a 10-year parts limited warranty.

Fan Coils | Improve Heating & Cooling Efficiency

We carry rock solid Bryant Home Comfort Fan Coils in the Evolution, Preferred and Legacy Lines, 7 different fan coil models in all. We're displaying just one of our top selling fan coil models on our website. Schedule an appointment now so we professionally determine which Fan Coil Unit works best for your home.

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Fan Coil Maintenance | Top Efficiency Operation

We will service your current fan coil in your home, business or commercial operation. Don't dally, call Maumee Valley as fan coils only perform at top efficiency with regular service. Schedule your HVAC service now.

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Fan Coil Repair

Have an emergency when it's 5 degrees outside? We'll be there to help as quickly as possible, whether you need a new fan coil thermostat, your fan coil replaced or simply a fan coil filter.

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